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About Company

Committed to superior quality and results.

Building materials and hardware supplies is a specialized area for RAMSONN BUILDERS located in East End area Ojuku Junction and Waterloo Area in Freetown Sierra Leone, we retail and supply building material and hardware products such as cement, iron rods, Zinc, Plywood, Cellotex, plumbing Items, floor tiles, DIY products such as paint, accessories, tools, household electrical to hand tools, cutting tools and more.

Ramsonn Builders is differentiated from other building materials and hardware companies in Sierra Leone, for we are different in that we retail quality products at low prices saving our 1000’s of customers on the cost of purchasing their building materials. We source our building materials from varied companies locally in Sierra Leone and abroad in countries such as Italy, South Africa, Spain, UK, U.S.A and the far east Asia countries in India, China, and many more. We are good at what we do, we deliver to businesses and household whenever possible. Ramsonn Builders also offers various services to businesses in mining, banks, hotels, corporate institutions and local business persons.

Trusted by many suppliers and customers Worldwide.

Overseeing your building project can prove tricky when you’re not in Sierra Leone. Regular check-ins are key to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, yet often require your physical presence on the ground. Ramsonn Builders can help you.

We can confirm that your project is going on schedule . We can travel to the site, take photos of the building under construction and look through your checklist of items used and verify that they’ve been accomplished.

Our Value

Why we are different.

Estimating Services

Whichever sector you operate in, our broad range of engineering disciplines and diverse expertise means we can provide a complete solution to meet your needs and supply goods in your budget.

Merchant Services

Our expert teams provide innovative, tailored, cost-effective solutions that contribute to the sourcing of Building Materials & Hardware as part of our Services. We make it a point to serve business and consumer clients.

Living Abroad

There are many Sierra Leoneans living abroad in countries such as the U.S.A, Canada, the Americas, Australia, the UK, mainland Europe and other parts of the world but they still call Sierra Leone their home, awesome.


Broad vision. Careful thought. Hand-crafted design.

Ramsonn Builders supports local businesses, communities, and people with the highest quality products and services.

With an emphasis on construction and business consulting, we are helping to build the future, one block and one customer at a time.

We are an undisputed leader when it comes to delivering high-end materials and services.

We make it a point to serve business and consumer clients, helping them to transform their own visions into reality using a collaborative approach. 

Our commitment to excellence is strengthened through investments in our team and state-of-the-art technology.